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Shadows of Trees
Marjorie Wood Gallery
Kerry Wood Nature Centre
Red Deer, AB

According to a 1999 World Commission of Forests report, the Earth’s forests were vanishing at that time at a rate of 15 million hectares a year. The Commission’s co-chair, Ola Ullsten of Sweden indicated that “[t]here is no need to continue cutting primary forests for human needs . . . . The world could fill its needs for forest products with only replanted trees grown in previously harvested forests or in tree plantations.”

Each year forests produce over 35 million tonnes of newsprint, most of which is used for newspapers and other hard copy communications. How ironic that much of this newsprint is used to admonish society for wasting our natural resources. “Shadows of Trees” challenges us to reflect on what we are destroying. The drawings in this show are created on the newspapers that tell us what we are doing wrong.

Charcoal can be a delicate and ephemeral drawing medium and newsprint is certainly an ephemeral drawing support. These two elements combined with the drawing technique of charcoal reduction highlight the fleeting nature of our world, both natural and man-made.